Our Kiwi Catering Supplies cream chargers - also known as cream canisters - are specially designed by Kiwi Catering Supplies for the New Zealand market and are manufactured to world-class standards.

One box contains ten cream chargers, each filled with 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide (N2O), providing you with plenty of chargers to make an enormous amount of whipped cream at a price that cannot be matched.

If you run a coffee shop, restaurant or catering service of any kind, then these chargers are a must-have. They are not only convenient and easy to use, but they will also help you save on costs by extending the volume of your cream by up to THREE TIMES the amount.

These cream chargers are designed by the Kiwi Catering Supplies team for the New Zealand market - made by Kiwis for Kiwis. This box contains 24 cream chargers each filled with 8 grams of pure nitrous oxide (N2O).

Our cream chargers are manufactured to the highest standards according to internationally recognised certifications: CE, FDA, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

What's more is we offer the best price on the market according to our Best Price Gurantee.


These cream chargers are inserted into a cream dispenser - or cream whipper - which then injects and dissolves the N2O into the cream at pressure to produce light and frothy whipped cream. N2O is used because it prevents the oxidisation of the cream, which can cause a subpar product and increase its chances of spoiling quickly.

Each Kiwi Catering Supplies cream charger can convert 0.5 litres of cream into 1.5 litres of whipped cream. This is a significantly greater volume than what can be achieved by mechanical whipping.

One Kiwi Catering Supplies cream charger will turn 0.5 L of cream into 1.5 L of whipped cream which is a far greater volume than mechanical whipping.

Use only with a cream whipper according to manufacturer's instructions. Cream chargers are non-refillable. Do not inhale. Do not force or damage chargers. Do not take onboard an aircraft. Do not dispose of full chargers. Please recycle empty chargers and packaging after use.


Store in cool, dry and well-ventilated place. Do not store chargers in direct sunlight or temperatures above 50°C. Keep away from flames and sources of ignition. Keep out of reach of children.


Buy 1 box x 10 cream chargers for $13.00/box

Buy 6 boxes x 10 cream chargers for $12.50/box

Buy 12 boxes x 10 cream chargers for $11.25/box

Buy 24 boxes x 10 cream chargers for $11.00/box

Buy 36 boxes x 10 cream chargers for $10.00/box

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This product is regulated by the Medicines Act 1982 and may only be purchased by genuine users to whip cream. By purchasing this product, you confirm that you comply with this restriction.

This is an age restricted product and may only be purchased by those who are 18+.