Searching for cream chargers in Auckland or anywhere else in New Zealand? Purchase the best cream chargers in NZ with confidence from a reputable NZ supplier, with seamless checkout, various payment options and same-day nationwide shipping. Our range of whip cream chargers is triple filtered and certified as food-grade safe. Compatible with all pressure whippers, our cream chargers allow for limitless dessert and cooking possibilities.



Our cream charger collection contains all the must-haves you’ll need to create and serve delectable whipped cream. Serving dolled up desserts and delightful drinks with dollops of whipped cream has never been easier - and faster - than using cream chargers. Safe and simple to use, cream dispensers are essential for any business in the food industry. Speed up your service and concoct premium creams and sauces with our pairing of whippers and cream canisters. 

What Are Whipped Cream Chargers? 

Cream chargers are small, pressurised gas canisters containing food-grade nitrous oxide (N2O). When the gas is injected into cream from a cream charger with a dispenser, it combines with the gelatines, fats and other stabilisers to form a foam that turns to whipped cream. Because N2O is present in our atmosphere, whipping cream by hand does this process naturally, but using cream chargers speeds up the job and makes it far more convenient.

How many whipped cream chargers will you need? This depends on your dispenser’s size and the volume of ingredients that need whipping. For 0.25 litre or 0.5-litre cream dispensers, an 8g charger is adequate and produces about two to six times more volume than first put into the dispenser.

All of our cream chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel. We advise all buyers of cream chargers in Auckland and the rest of New Zealand to safely recycle empty chargers after use. Small steps taken by responsible users of cream chargers in NZ will significantly reduce our carbon footprint.