We are committed to offering you the lowest possible prices on our products. For this reason, we guarantee that you will not find a similar stocked item from our competitors for a cheaper price. If you do, we'll beat it, according to these terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions

The item must be currently available to the general public from a New Zealand based business – the price beat guarantee does not apply to offers that were available in the past or that are available outside New Zealand.

The item must be identical or nearly identical. The best price guarantee does not apply to products which are of a lower quality standard.

The price will be beaten for both retail and wholesale quantities but only for the quantity on offer. This means that a lower price that is available at higher volumes will not be beaten for a lower quantity. The best price guarantee for wholesale quantities is subject to availability and our discretion.

We will only accept claims for genuine offers from established businesses. We will refuse to beat the price on offers which are private in nature or otherwise not genuine.

You must provide proof of price from a New Zealand based business. If we are unable to reasonably verify the offer then we reserve the right to refuse to beat the price.

A fair use policy applies which prevents customers from exploiting the Price Beat Guarantee for commercial purposes and ensures that it isn’t used in an excessive or unfair way. For this reason, we reserve the right to exercise discretion if we believe your use is unreasonable.